Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pure Green Living: Kirsten from Simply Grove

 I'm feeling so inpsired by the Pure Green Living series!  Fresh ideas and ingenuity = inspiration and change!  Last month Jacqui from So Good & Tasty shared her green living idea.  This month, fabulous blogger and the incredibly insprining Kirsten of Simply Grove was kind enough to include her two cents.  Here she is.

"I live right outside of Boise Idaho. I am a wife, mom of two, interior designer, blogger and I contribute remade and re-purposed decor and furniture to a boutique, Brass Razoo. My idea of being green in design is keeping sustainable products out of dumpsters. I am all for reusing and remaking vintage, retro and modern furniture. There is no reason to buy everything new when we can create beautiful pieces from just about anything."

"My bedroom is an example of how I decorate. The dresser belonged to my Grandma. My mom was going to donate it to a thrift store so I snagged it. I eventually want to finish it in a bright color. I bought the mirror off of Ebay. It has a crack that the eye can barely see, so I got it for a steal. The lamp was $20 at a thrift shop and the little chair was given to me from a friend.

Decorating green is both fun and rewarding!"
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