Friday, July 2, 2010

Green Traveller - The Gladstone, Toronto

This place is legend in Toronto...besides being the oldest, continuously operating hotel, it is home to the hippest book/music launches and parties...the bohemian chic, green traveller stays here.

At the Gladstone, each room is different...created by a local artist.  Don't stay in the same room twice!

The hotel's green cred features locally sourced, organic produce and meat only, eco cleaners and waste reduction, a living wall and more.

{room 307, Map're looking at city streets}

{room 308, Queen Suite}

{room 312, Refresh}

{room 404, Canadiana}

{room 401, Sugarbush}

{room 416, Felt Room}

{the tower room}

{the cafe}

{community shared agriculture}
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