Friday, July 9, 2010

{eco} design: Made by Cohen

I am a complete sucker for remodeled industrial spaces (reclaimed unwanted space is very green), so when I found designer Susie Cohen from Melbourne and her 1920's renovated warehouse, I was smitten.  Looking at these pictures, would you belive the building is only 16x10 meters?  The intense natural light, the pale finishes and the cohesive decor style help create a much larger, airy feel. 

{love this bathroom!}

{the warehouse style windows are gorgeous!}

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  1. that space is awesome - she has used light and colour really well and the bathroom is amazing!

  2. This place is my heaven. Just add my art and photos by homies collection to the walls, some Tecate in the fridge, and I'm moving in!



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