Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{vintages} & {eco} design: Industrial

  Give a room in your house a graphic punch with these authentic, vintage signs used to mark trolley stops in the UK, which delightfully popped into my inbox last week!  Each one-of-a-kind, get one from Room & Board. 
I love these so much, I decided to embark on a quest and seek out perfectly industrial spaces, full of reused nooks, vintage peices and reclaimed wooden beams, each of which these trolley signs would be perfectly suited...

{Cristina Rodriguez}

{next lot from loftlife.......}

{above and below Wolveridge Architects}

{and look, I found a space that actually has a trolley sign!}


  1. beautiful...loving your blog!

  2. big fan of these trolley signs - the examples you found for types of spaces they work well in, brilliant! :)



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