Monday, February 28, 2011

{eco} style: Glowb

A few weeks ago I posted about Victoria Hamberger's stunning home in Switzerland.  One element of her home that really stood out for me were the fantastic rugs peppered through out.  I mentioned that Victoria is also the entrepreneur behind Glowb, a rug company that makes modern and stylishly appointed rugs, including the lovelies shown here in Victoria's home.  The rugs are handmade in India using natural materials and ethical practices.  In fact, Glowb states that part of their mandate is to help contribute to an improved quality of life for it's employees, including investing in schools and education. I thought I'd take a peek and see what other goodies were available, and I wasn't disappointed, so I thought I'd share! The rugs shown here are all from her Geometric collection.  I couldn't resist the fantastic on-trend colour blocking with it's mod appeal.

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  1. Lovely rugs! Charles and I were searching for one for the longest time - so hard to find nice ones, let alone eco friendly ones. Great find!!



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