Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{eco} design: Century Home in Sweden

This week's eco design feature comes from Victoria Hamberger, a designer from the Swedish town of Lindingo.  A century home built in 1907, Victoria and her family were intent on restoring and updating the home, yet maintain some of it's previous character - a colourful home previously owned by Anders and Nunni Beckman, founders of the Beckman College of Design.  Victoria set about using colour but keeping it in balance with the furniture she already had and a lighter, less intense feel.  It's not hard to see what drew me to this home.  It's striking, yet peaceful.  As always, we've added the Pure Green touch and added a few green resources, in case you'd like this look at home {who wouldn't} with a little eco flair.

Remember the concrete tiles by Popham Design I mentioned yesterday?  Here they are.  Made in a respectable manner in line with traditional Moroccan technique. 

Such lightness and colour!  I don't know about you, but purple would never be my main accent colour of choice, and yet, this made me reconsider.  How lovely and fresh - I really love the purple vintage cabinet.  The look is anchored by the dark wood floors.  1 eco point for keeping the original hardwood and choosing to refinish them.  Achieve a similar painted look using non-toxic paint by AFM - their Trim & Door formula is up to the job.

1 eco point for the healthy dose of refinished antique pieces found in each room, such as the white Fyndade sideboard and orange lamp found at a flea market in Smalande.  The chair is vintage too, from the Swedish auction site Lauritz that specializes in quality antiques and design classics.

Victoria is also the entrepreneur behind Glowb, a rug company that makes modern and stylishly appointed rugs, including the lovelies shown here in Victoria's home.  The rugs are handmade in India using natural materials and ethical practices.  In fact, Glowb states that part of their mandate is to help contribute to an improved quality of life for it's employees, including investing in schools and education.

As I'm sure you know by now PG is a HUGE fan of vintage.  I couldn't resist showing this collection of vintage bar ware, from Victoria's parents.  

Get a similar look in as this kitchen by having bespoke cabinetry built in using bamboo plywood.  The vertical grain in amber from Plyboo will result in a very similar look.  Recycled glass countertops from Icestone will complete the look, along with some non-toxic paint by Mythic.  Keep watch on ebay for a vintage Saarinen tulip table.

Finally, check out Fireclay Tile's Debris Line {made of recycled content} in Black Gloss for a very similar look.


  1. This home is gorgeous! And those Popham tiles are so beautiful. Also, is it just me or did you do a mini blog re-design?! Looking good :)

  2. Love that bathroom with the Darth Vadar!!!!

  3. Hi Bess! I did do a mini-blog re-design. Been itching to do it, but it still needs a little love. For example, DYING to use the new PGMag logo!!!!!!

    Jess - didn't even notice the Darth Vadar! Hilarious!

  4. Yes from the victoria Hamberger Really fantastic eco design feature has come



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