Friday, February 4, 2011

American Clay LEED Home

After I posted earlier in the week about our booth at IDS11 I thought I would try and dig up an American Clay (AC) project so you can see the possibilities.  This home, by architect Michelle Kolb, is one of the Nantucket's first LEED certified homes, and was the winner of American Clay's recent installation contest.  This home, which is a restoration project of a turn of the century farmhouse, is plastered in AC's Sugar Loaf.   One of my favourite green design materials, it can be textured or smooth, very modern or rustic, colourful or neutral, all depending on installation.  The finish, which is composed of Natural Earth Plaster and mineral pigments, is trowelled on.  But DIY'ers despair not.  With a little practice you can definitely do it yourself.  Not your average wall covering, it has the ability to help control humidity and moisture content in your home, inhibit mold growth and it releases negative ions into the air.  The finished product looks very soft, almost like suede.  Available here.
Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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