Monday, February 7, 2011

{eco} style: Granted Clothing & Pure Green Living on Twitter

Today's eco style post comes to you courtesy of Bess @ English Muffin.  She's wonderful, and I'm in love with this particular find.  I couldn't resist reposting so I could share it with all the Pure Green readers.  Granted Clothing is a family owned business from BC - they are a handmade business, down to the very core.  They produce clothing made of 100% pure wool, which they then knit, BY HAND, into beautiful garments.  It's not inexpensive, but this is no sweater that was knit on a mechanical loom which churns out 100 identical sweaters per day.  This is a heirloom of sorts.  You will have it forever.  AND, it's very stylish.

I also wanted to take today to tell you about a new idea I had.  With the release of Issue 4, I asked new subscribers to kindly tell me a little about themselves so that I can make Pure Green Mag even better.  One of the questions asked was "What Would You Like to See More of?"  Well, you've been more than generous with your answers and I'm so grateful.  One thing that keeps coming up is that readers want more tips on how to live green.  Well, first I have to tell you that we have BIG plans for the next issue.  Things are going to change, only a little, and definitely for the better.  I can't unveil what's happening yet.  It's a secret.  But, we're definitely going to bring you more tips on eco living.  And I'd like you, the reader, to help!

Pure Green isn't about preaching to you a greener lifestyle.  It's about celebrating what you're already doing.  I'm finding that when readers realize 'huh, I guess I am green in my own way', it represents a total shift in thinking that leads to more change.  WAY better than being preached to.  So Pure Green realizes that living green is really a sliding scale of action.  Some do a little, others do a lot, but we all make a difference.   As part of celebrating what you're already doing, I'd like for you to tell me the simple ways that you live green.  And we're going to do it on twitter. 

Using the following hashtag #PGLiving, send me your ideas, big or small.  I want to hear them all!  I think I'm going to make Monday's #PGLiving day, but I want to hear from you all the time.  Whenever you think of something, send it to me!  But I need your help to spread the word.  Here's the best part: the best ideas that come our way between each issue will be featured in the mag!  Little tidbits sprinkled throughout the mag... all from you.  I'm so excited! I hope you are too. 

Pure Green Mag on Twitter:


  1. So fun and love opening up a forum to the PGM audience!! I'm on board 100%!

  2. I love the wool leg-warmers ( though I haven't seen leg-warmers for about 20 years ! ) The the other knitted clothes look really nice too - a bit Nepalese.



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