Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IDS 11 Wrap-up

It's my first day back from IDS 11... I think the word count for this weekend is somewhere around a million, there were many cups of coffee consumed, many great new people, and tons of excitement.  It was my first time exhibiting Sustain at the show.  I was plenty nervous but it came off brilliantly.  Among the flash, bright lights and general exhuberance of the show was Sustain - we had a tiny little booth but we were so different than everyone else we were REALLY busy!  Next year I really hope to have a booth for Pure Green... I think everyone would have liked it.  Next year!  Here are a few modest pics I took of our booth and some of the my personal faves from the show.  Phew.  Time to relax... or not.  Too much to do!

Among all the corporate booths here we were, a la DIY!!  Everything is eco, of course, and everything was made by myself and Jonathan.  Mostly Jonathan.  The floor is cork.

And so is the chair!  I really need to show you the before shot... awful.  Anway, these chairs from the fifties were completely sanded down and reupholstered using cork fabric.  Just wait until I finally get around to making handbags out of it!  It's a beautiful, durable alternative to leather.

Here's a closeup.

The back wall was reclaimed lumber.  We had several people ask if they could take our wall home!  Funny!

Icestone... countertop materials made with recycled glass and concrete.

The walls of the booth were covered in American Clay, a natural earth plaster that can be super modern or very rustic.  The walls of the booth were supposed to be white... but they turned out kind of beige.  No matter - I think we'll be doing lots of jobs in this colour because people really liked it.  And there really was lots of white at the show already.

A closeup of the texture... no faux finishes here.

These are a few photos from some of my favourite booths, including my new friend Julie, creator of Manor 12.

I had to include this... at the opening gala my jaw nearly hit the floor when I turned the corner and saw a page from the latest issue of Pure Green Mag on Julie's booth wall!  It was a good weekend for Pure Green.  I met tons of people and had a little boost of sunshine as many people knew of the magazine already!  We're getting out there and it feels SO good!

LOVED Nicole Tarasick's pillows.  Right up my alley.  I begged her for a little organic collection so I could sing her praises in the mag.  She said maybe... stay tuned!

I also love Montauk.  Michelle of Holley & Gill laughed when I told her it was my mission in life to own one of these.  They're carbon neutral and beautiful.

Always a fan of chalkboard, I loved Montauk's chalk installation.  I had been visualizing something like this for a Pure Green booth, but alas it's been done.

It was great to be a part of all the fun.  I didn't have a chance to see Sibling Revelry, but the long line was deterring, not to mention I had five minutes collectively the entire show to peek around!

Like I said... MUCH coffee drinking.

From Gus Modern.  Nice.

That's it!  If you want to see more glitz and glamour from the show, check out Michelle's shots (of Holley & Gill and also style editor for Pure Green) on Poppytalk.  She did a fantastic job!!


  1. Celine, I LOVE those chairs upholstered in cork fabric. I saw a bowl made out the same material and was thinking it would make great upholstery. Guess I thought right! Can't wait to see what else you'll do with it.

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love that icestone countertop option, I've never heard of it but it looks very nice.

  3. Oh Petra - Just wait until you see the handbags I have in mind!

  4. Hey ! sorry I missed the show this year - hope you had a successful couple of days. Loving that cork fabric - do you sell it ? if not where can I get it ?

  5. Hello Eco Chic! Nice to hear from you again! Will you be at the Green Living Show again this year? If so we'll see you there!

    The cork fabric is awesome! There's several amazing patterns, and we do indeed sell it. It's not really listed on our website, but if you need samples let me know! Visit www.SustainEcoStore.com and leave me a note using our contact sheet and I'll get them to you.

    Thanks! Hopefully we'll see you soon!



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