Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Time at Sustain

Spring is springing at Sustain!  Albeit, I think the 15 degree weather is a little warming and all...makes me even more passionate about what I do!  Anyway, the sunshine has left me feeling inspired, so I spent some time gathering a few springtime touches for the store!  My goal at Sustain is to decorate for the seasons with natural materials or vintage/ repurposed items ONLY.  It's hard not to cheat, but I love a challenge. 

{i purchased a few gerber daisy plants, grown in Canada.  if you like gerbers, buy the plants as they will rebloom, and they are often grown closer to home.  the stems are usually grown in africa (or somewhere near there), using up their precious little water and land, and then emitting tons of carbon in transport.}

{this isn't a great picture, but a tall vase with some fresh curly willow is very beautiful indeed, and can be saved for next year!}

{aren't these little, tiny bottles fantastic?  i found them for 50 cents at a thrift store, and just knew they'd come in handy!}

{remember my charlie brown christmas tree? i fell in love with it, and decide to keep it around.  to make it sesaonable interchangeable, i stripped off the LED xmas lights and folded some origami bunnie's for spring!  The other decorations are a handmade logcabin/birdhouse (made by Bryce, 11!), and some string balls that i made.}

{close ups of the bunnies.  for directions to make your own, click here}

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  1. Love those origami bunnies - thanks for the directions!!!

  2. You're more than welcome! Glad you like them.



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