Thursday, March 11, 2010

{eco} design: paula barnes

I came across Paula Barnes' home some time ago in an issue of Living Etc., one of my favourite design magazines, and was struck by her lovely home.  First of all, you can never go wrong with wood and white.  While her home may be a little too rustic for me, I love elements of rustic decor, and she's pulled it off with a lovely lived in, family friendly but chic manner that appeals to me.  When I looked into her design firm Eliza Barnes, it turns out that she is a 'reuse-ist'!  She runs an architectural salvage and design firm that specializes in salvaging materials, and making what was once old and unwanted, new and beautiful again.  Her own home, featured today, is a good example.  Keep posted for more Eliza Barnes...she's got some new projects on the go!

{love the custom patchwork sofa...she recovered it with salvaged fabric}

{I love the mismatch stools, the farm table island, the white, the wood beam, no upper cabinets...}

{again, love the it such an eclectic feel, without feeling too busy...also digging those lights!}

{this chalkboard table idea is awesome, definitely something I'd like to do for my kids.  it reminds me of my childhood family was pine, so you can literally read years of homework that have been indented into the top}

{books are a must in every home!}

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