Monday, March 29, 2010

{eco} style: Jack & Marjorie

Such a treat today!  I came across these lovely bags for the first time at the Christmas One of a Kind show in Toronto this year, and have been dying to post about them ever since.  The bags are made by Jack & Marjorie, and are constructed using recycled army surplus items: "Our bags are constructed primarily out of recycled military surplus materials. Among the items we currently use or have used in the past are: military tents and cotton tent fabric, wool blankets, duffle bags, parachutes, rifle sling straps, webbing, ammunition pouches, suspenders, zippers, buttons, and parachute cord."  Any additional materials used are constructed with vegetable tanned leather and hemp/organic cotton.  You'll love the irregular but brilliant designs, along with all the thoughtfull embelishments...stash your stuff in a little piece of history.

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  1. gorgeous ! I love the idea behind these . and such a conversation piece !



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