Friday, March 19, 2010

Green Traveller: Postcard Inn, St. Petersburg

I don't know why, but I'm finding myself pining for a surf vacation these days.  I've only ever surfed a few times in my life, but its an art I'd really like to somewhat 'master', especially since I'm always joking with Jonny that my goal in retirement is to be a super rad 60 year old surfer chic!  With that in mind, I came across the Postcard Inn, in St.Petersburg, FL.  I used to live in Florida (for a short while) and never really spent much time in St. Petes, although this is giving me a nudge to make a point of revisiting.  So, why is this green?  Well, its a neat story really - hotel conglomerate purchases old, run-down motel with plans to demolish and rebuild a new hotel, devoid of personality and remincent of 10 other identical establishments lined up on the beach.  After some protesting from locals, however, the new owners decided to keep the original structures, and renew the motel with a sense of boho chic.  In fact, the new hotel, which make use of existing infrastructure, has spurred a new movement of reclaiming day-begone establishments, which, in my humble opinion, does nothing but add personality and a sense of history, enrichening the average hotel experience.  What else befits the Postcard for the Green Traveller?  Well, just look at the virtual plethora of vintage goodness!  The hotel is almostly completely furnished with vintage finds, further creating that unique, bohemian feel.  Plus, located beachside, the hotel is affordable, $99-189, and is located in less pretentious St. Pete's, more 'old world' Florida, as described by Travel & Leisure, with fewer Escalades and more pink flamingos.  Wanna go?

{breakfast eatery}

{the critically acclaimed Wildwood BBQ}

{movies, al it!}

{rooms with personality}

{& vintage goodness abounds}

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