Thursday, August 19, 2010

{eco} design: reclaimed in uruguay

I've been attracted to a different style entirely lately!!  Don't know what's up.  This post, and the last, featuring le recyclage in Bali, are similar in their eclectic style, so I apologize for posting two homes that are so simliar, but I couldn't resist.  That, and I've discovered this amazing swedish magazine featuring international homes. 

Lately I've been on a lookout for vintage peices - the next issue of Pure Green Living has a feature in it with vintage dishes so I've been on a the hunt.  Maybe this is why I'm so attracted to this home.  That, and I've been so overwhelmed with work lately, that I feel like my life could use a bit of whimsy.  This home, located in Uruguay, is a second home for a couple from Buenos Aires (definitely on my list of places to go).  The home is a mix of vintage furniture, with a heavy emphasis on preserving original details... which is of course one of my favourite ways to design green.


This home is literally a treasure trove of recycled materials.  The kitchen floor, backsplash, fireplace and even a mural in the entryway are all tiled with a mélange of recycled tiles.  Doesn't it look amazing?!  A lot of the furniture is reclaimed too.

A painted rug - I don't usually like this style, but in this home is works.  Kinda out of my comfort zone though!

Isn't this smart?  This tub is decorated with découpage!  All you need are some images, scissors and hodge-podge adhesive! 

Images via 25 Underbara Hem


  1. beautiful place, Uruguay is a lovely country

  2. Those kitchens look nice. I sure do hope that those designs matches up with each home’s design as a whole. But I agree with Steel Windows that a good kitchen space saves time and lifts your mood. I like the second kitchen best. They’ve mainly changed the cabinets and repainted it and it now looks superb. It just goes to show that with a little tweak and additions here and there, you can have a more organized kitchen.

  3. Your blog is very beautiful!



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