Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{eco} design: Jorge & Veronica's flat

This Buenos Aires' flat just oozes charm.  It is a perfect example of curating and personalizing objects that speak to you and making them work in your space.  The repetition of red thoughout the flat ties everything together neatly, so that the eclectic feel looks curated not cluttered.  This is also a fantastic example of working with your space - Jorge and Veronica, the owners of the flat, chose to feature the original wall seen above, rather than painting it, and the apartment still has many original features, such as the stained glass, wood floors, and marble steps (see below).

The repetition of the red stools and the red lamps is fantastic, and those shelves just kill me!  I am most definitely not the type for kitchen display shelves.  Mine are more the type where things fall out at you when you open them!

Another view of the kitchen.  Concrete floors are an excellent eco finish, as they help to keep your home warm/cool.  I am also in absolute love with concrete countertops.  We work with concrete artisans at my store, and they are just beautiful.  Definitely on my kitchen wish list.  In fact, we just finished a beauty cabinet with a concrete top.  I'll share pictures with you soon!

More salvage chic.  The symmetry of the lamp shades and artwork keep the space tidy and considered.
Also a great example of mixing your peices.

Those high ceilings and windows... Jorge and Veronica are great salvagers!

One thing I noticed when I travelled in Greece was the abundance of marble.... it's like brick to them, and is absolutely everywhere.  I loved it and was in constant awe of it.  Such as this solid carrerra staircase.  The juxtaposition of traditional and modern is very obvious here, another thread that ties together Jorge and Veronica's flat.

Have I mentioned Argentina is on my must-see list?

All images via mixr.


  1. Love the spaces showcased . Eco friendliness coupled with creativity makes for amazing outcomes :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Oh wow!!! I'm madly in love with this space!



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