Thursday, June 3, 2010

{eco} design: Ina & Matt

I am absolutely in love with this pair of designers, Ina & Matt from the Netherlands.  The raw organic feel is simply overpowering, and while some may find it cold, I find it liberating in its simplicity and beauty!  These aren't the kind of homes you would fill with 'stuff' - they beg to be showcased and the architectural elements speak for themselves.  I'm drawn to rough, reclaimed wood and light earthy colours every time, so its no wonder I practically fell off my seat when I came across Ina & Matt.  What makes this eco, you ask?  Well, one of my absolute favourite things in design is coverted barns, and this is what you are looking at!  I'm sure the wooden beams are reclaimed as part of the original structure, and the homes themselves seem to be littered with reclaimed items.  If you're looking for eco friendly wood finish, try Broda.  Of course concrete helps preserve thermal mass, so these homes have efficient heating/cooling as well.

For eco, non-toxic paint try AFM Safecoat or Mythic.  For a non-toxic concrete sealer and paint, Broda will do the trick.

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