Thursday, June 3, 2010

{eco} design: our eco home on Crib Display

I have exciting news!  I was asked by Andreas from Crib Display if I'd like to feature my home, since the site didn't have any green design featured yet, and so, I obliged!  How very fun!  I first came across Crib Display via Living Etc., and the Apartment Therapy-esque site features cribs from around the world.  A fun way to show off your hard work and connect with other design junkies from near and afar.  Check it out and see for yourself.  In the meantime, have a gander at this sneak peak of my own crib, nestled in Muskoka, Canada.

{i built this coffee table...can you tell?  I used a recycled table base and reclaimed barnboard to make the top.  the glass nesting tables are vintage, from my grandmother's apartment...would you believe she had a Saarinen tulip table too?  alas she gave it away before i was design savy enough to recognize what a steal it was.}

{our dining room.  the table is antique...we sanded down the top and painted the legs.  the leaves were a different wood, so we improvised and painted them two different shades of green.}

{we made this light fixture too, using an old reclaimed beam and some old copper pipe to house the wiring!  the origami birds aren't a permanent fixture, i just like them.}

{use edible herbs as table decor!  you can pick at your leisure.}

{reclaimed stuff here too!  call me queen of the yardsale, but I'm handy with a paintbrush...a cheap, eco friendly way to make what was old new again.}

Don't forget, visit Crib Display!  Let me know if you've posted any photos of your own!
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  1. We all know that eco homes is more expensive, so instead you could adapt your home and lifestyle to suit a more eco-friendly outlook.



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