Friday, June 4, 2010

The Green Traveller - Rough Luxe Hotel, London

I know I featured London not that long ago, but I couldn't resist posting this gem of a hotel...the Rough Luxe, in London.  A small auberge with only 9 rooms, the place is abundant with personality, and embodies one of my favourite design principles: the rough with the luxe, the refined with the savage, the rustic with the modern.   Love it!  When this look is done well, its great, but it can be easy to overdo the shabby chic too.  Just look for simple items that speak for themselves, pick neutrals and juxtapose. 

The Rough Luxe is actually part of a movement that embodies a different definition of luxury - the intellectual value of objects, of time and age, culture, experience and the environment, of course.  This is evident in this historic building which features a healty dose of the reused and the repurposed, including the original plaster walls (how else could you get that patina?).  Designed by celebrated designer Rabih Hage, if you're ever in London be sure to stay.

Other Green Things to Do in London:

Daylesford Organic - Why can't this place be closer to home?  Part cookery school, part restaurant, part bread bar, part farmer's market and part store, what more can you ask for!!!?
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  1. RE: Daylesford Organic - Why isn't it closer to home, indeed! Sounds like a VERY cool place to spend a saturday afternoon. Sigh.



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