Monday, May 10, 2010

Whoa!  PGD is getting racy!  Seriously, I was thinking about this week's eco style post and realized that underwear isn't something we often think about, but when you do, you realize that you are wearing chemically laden clothing against the most sensitive parts of your body, day in, day out.  The last time I replenished my supply I was really surprised at the lack of choice...what about cotton, hemp, bamboo?  Why must we settle for poly blends?  So, as much for myself as anything, I set about finding an eco solution to share with you.  Here are my favourites!  Pact, featured above and below, are an interesting outfit out of the states.  If comfort is where you're at, this is the choice for you.  With a decent selection, the site is very upfront about the process behind their undies (be sure to check out the ingredients!), and they have 3 styles to choose from.  The best part?  Each version of their skivvies goes towards a cause - the company will donate 10% on your behalf.  The ones featured above, Oceana, are dedicated to ocean conservation, while the ones below, GreenBelt, are dedicated to the green belt movement in Kenya started by Wangari Maathai (an extremely motivation woman and Nobel Peace Prize winner).

If you're in the market for something a little sexier, check out Eco Boudoir.  Most notable? The company, based out of the UK, produces great looking collections, and they are very involved in educating consumers about cotton production, and specifically the kind of nasties you might we sporting each and every day.  Be sure to visit More Than Pretty Knickers to find out more!

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