Saturday, May 29, 2010

I mentioned earlier that my husband Jonathan installed a clothesline for me!  Hooray...Yippeee!  I guess it doesn't take much to please an eco wife does it?  Until a giant pine fell victim to a storm we had nowhere to put it one, but no more...I got a pretty big kick outta the fact that the first time I used the line it rained on my clothes!!!  At any rate, I realized I was going to need some kind of holder for my pins, as digging them out of my hydrangea was going to get old pretty fast, which inspired this fun little diy project.  While I get great joy from being creative, I've come to know a little something about myself:  I'm not one to follow a pattern.  Dunno why, it just gets old.  However, my sewing skills are still pretty raw, so my projects don't often turn out the way I see them in my head!  Darn!  So, I was pleased as punch when this project turned out dandy!  If you think you'd like to make one, just follow these uber simple instructions:

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