Thursday, August 5, 2010

{eco} find

I found this today.... for those of you who love graphic art, such as the vintage trolley signs I posted about last week but don't want the price tag that comes with it.  These are produced by Locality (found via Etsy) - you can customize the poster with any 20-25 words of your choice.  My one year anniversary is coming up and I thought this would be a really great homage to things that define you as a couple...favourite vacation spot, books, foods, one liners, important dates, and so on.  Don't you think?  You can choose to have yours either hand-painted or printed digitally.  Another nice idea from Locality is a custom birth announcement, see them on their site.


  1. These graphic creations are awesome! And the fact that they personalize them is even better. Great find.

    As you know, we sung your praises on EcoSalon:

  2. Thank you very much Leigha! Your support is always appreciated!

  3. Thanks for this feature! (I'm Laura, the designer behind Locality). Found this through analytics and I love your blog.



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