Saturday, August 14, 2010

{eco} design: 'le recyclage' in Bali

I always joke with Jonathan that if our business opportunities in Canada don't pan out we're selling everything and moving to South America... ever since I had the joy of visiting I have been romanticizing a beachside home ever since.  I suppose this is why these images caught my eye... besides the fact that it is such a haven of recycling.  The owners Annelies and Jean Jacques love objects that tell a story, and their home is a relative storybook of treasures!  The actual home is construction out of 3 old traditional Indonesian houses, which Jean Jacques cleverly engineered to unify into one over a new concrete pad..  The result is a home like no other.  The distressed whitewash throughout the place not only unifies the structure, it makes it feel like it's always been that way.  Jean Jacques and Annelies even went so far as to purchase a new roof for a mosque just so that they could take the old one for their home!  Each room has a little different feel, but as a whole is echoes the couple's passion for global design and demonstrates just how much you can actually do with some ingenuity and recycled finds.

images: mixr, originally published in 25 hem.

on a side note..........  i've got another surprise for ya'll!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Now THAT is a kitchen I would love to cook in. It reminds me of a very pulled together version of a makeshift kitchen we erected on a camp site in the Aussie outback a few years ago..plenty of space for lots of hands to get to work.



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