Monday, March 30, 2009

Green Design - Shipping Containers

Would you ever have guessed?

When I posted last week about Molly Mutt, I said that what I loved best about green living is the ingenuity - the making use of waste materials into something more beautiful. Enter shipping container housing. I'm sure these have made the blog rounds by now, but I couldn't help including them on PGD as well. My jaw literally dropped when I came across them on The Daily Green last week. Amazing! From next gen RV, recreation housing, condos to university rez, architects and designers have proven how versatile and beautiful discarded stuff can be. While I may not choose to live in a metal container, I can appreciate how great they are.

Flip up your walls when you leave and you never have to worry about the cottage again!

The amount of light and space in these homes really amazed me. This one is home to an artist in Scotland.

Backyard Oasis.

Student Rez in Amsterdam - apparently, they love it!

This one's portable - notice the bamboo interior?

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