Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From my Portfolio - Sylvie's Bedroom

It's been some time since I showed some of my work, so I thought I'd include some today for this week's green design feature. Admittedly, however, this room is still a work in progress, which is why I'm only showing you half the room!

The pillows were made using Amy Butler fabric and other scraps by myself - Living Space Interiors - the inserts are eco-friendly too.

I Love the turquoise lamp against the soft grey walls - its brings the scheme to life.

The bed was existing - I just added a new pure white quilt. The nightstands were also the existing - a new coat of paint and new hardware instantly updated the piece. Now they have distinct European appeal. (We're missing artwork above the bed...) The walls are Oyster Bay low-VOC paint by CIL.

The room is still missing: a chaise and reading nook below the window, a beautiful striped soft gray and white rug, artwork, and a dresser/mirror, which matches the nightstands but is still unfinished. Keep posted!

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  1. I really need to learn to take better pictures. Lighting is my biggest problem here. These photos just don't do the room justice...oh well...hope you like it anyway!

  2. hey long lost sister. just checking you out. imagine my surprise when i log on and this is what i see, i think the pics look great, i think you worry too much. ttysoon

  3. how to live green, practical advice and tips only..



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