Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eco-Style - Home Office

I'm Back! After a lovely little rest, I'm ready to go again. My fiancé and I are working hard as ever on opening our new store, called Sustain, which I'm sure you've read about on PGD by now. I can't wait. In the meantime, here is my latest edition of Eco-Style: a home office nook. Not everyone has the luxury of devoting an entire room to an office, and I LOVE the idea here: converting an old dresser into a secretary desk for a brilliant space-saving, clutter-hiding office nook! (Keep in mind you'll need a dresser with deep drawers to do this.) Read on for more tips on greening your home office:

For the latest in green laptops, check out the Asus Eco-book. This energy efficient model is clad entirely in bamboo!

This Gilbert chair ($69) from Ikea is similar to the one pictured above. Ikea is a good eco choice as the company plants enough trees every year to offset their number of customers. They even take into account the distance each customer travelled (this is why they ask for your postal code)!

If you choose to paper you secretary like the one above, Madison and Grow offer some lovely eco-options.

Check out The Green Office for eco-options on everything office-related. These pencils are made of recycled newspaper. You can also find recycled green stationary like the ones in the photo.

De-Clutter your desk by opting out of junk mail. You can place a sticker on your mail-box (like this one issued by the city of Calgary to say no) or you can stop the flow sooner by contacting Green Dimes: for a dime a day, this non-profit will reduce the amount of marketing material you receive, and plant trees on your behalf.

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  1. I LOVE the piece of furniture turned desk!!

  2. I liked it, you can find more Office Desks from spacify.

  3. Thanks - will check it out!

  4. Interesting, I often find people in situations where budget is a restraint. No matter what, you’ll find Home Office Desk to suit your home and office.



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