Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pure Green Issue 4

Phew!  It's finally here!  I'm so sorry for being absent as of late.  A very busy work life, combined with the holidays and finishing up Issue 4 of Pure Green Magazine has kept me away.  But I'm back!  And Issue 4 is here!!!  Whoohoo!!!!  [I'm very excited.]  Truthfully it actually came out Friday, but an allnighter pretty well on Thursday, then jumping in the car at 7am and driving to Montreal for an 'editorial meeting' with my new fantastic dream team kept me from posting.  Where I was staying had no internet... imagine!!  And then my Blackberry died, so I couldn't even use that!!  Anyway, there's great things happening... we've introduced fashion!  Kate Black, founder of Magnifeco, has joined the Pure Green team and is bringing us irresistable, ethically fashionable clothing.  So, grab a cuppa and enjoy!  I really hope you like it.  Oh, and Issue 3 was our most successful issue to date!!!  Thanks for helping make that happen - it's the most rewarding thing ever.


  1. I love your magazine. Eye Candy! I'm a gardener and DIYer who loves modern design and pretty stuff. I'd love to see just a smidge more garden content in your magazine. Gardening is a huge part of Green Living.

    Are there plans to incorporate a small section for us style gardeners?

    Thanks for what you do!

  2. Hi Jayme! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I somehow missed your comment. I'm glad you like Pure Green, and your timing couldn't be better! Guess what's coming up in the spring issue? Gardening! We've got a whole issue planned on it. We're all very excited.
    I took a peek at your site... some great gardening finds. If you have any style picks that are great for eco gardeners, both urban and country, send me some suggestions! You can send them to info@puregreenliving.com
    I can't wait for you to see it!



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