Thursday, January 20, 2011

{eco} design: Vintage and Escapism in Sweden

I've so busy lately... my mind is exploding with 'To Do's' and I've had a little trouble keeping it all straight.  But for a tiny second I got lost in these photos, and I forgot all about my daunting lists.  This home in Arild, Sweden, got a second life - from beat down, forgotten and abadoned 70's villa... to this.  Against the pure, snowy white background this home is exploding with colour.  And it's oh so vintage!  So here's to two minutes of escapism.

I love everything.  Every single room.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with the design but I think it's too bright I don't know if because of the interior design or the photos but overall it's great!

  2. I just loved the interior. If you observe carefully then there are many things utilized in interior which a normal people considers as waste. I just loved the way they used cards. Overall interior makes the house more graceful.
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  3. I love the pure white painting combined with the design of the furniture. I love the table with the MAC PC :)



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