Thursday, November 11, 2010

Issue 3 coming Monday!

Are you excited?  I hope so!!!  Issue 3 of Pure Green Magazine is coming on Monday.  I've a few long nights ahead but I can't wait to share it!  We've got so much great stuff for you in store.... gift guides from your favourite bloggers, reader giveaways, DIY ideas, beautiful homes, an alternative to turkey on Christmas..... and so much more.  Just before we get there though, I have a favour to ask.... leave me a comment with your idea for an eco Christmas, and see it in the next issue!  The best entry will get a special surprise!  Leave your name and email too please!

Oh, and one more thing... help me spread the word!  I can't even begin to say how much I appreciate the support and encouragement I get from my readers already... you're the reason I'm doing this!  Every issue I'm releasing a little part of myself into the world, which isn't easy to do, but it makes me jump up and down and hug somebody every time I get a little note of encouragement from a reader.  Help me make this issue the best yet!  Thank you from the deepest part of my heart, without you this wouldn't be possible!



  1. Yes I'm excited! Love your magazine! Can't wait to see the new issue. My idea for an eco Christmas: While gift shopping, consider how much packaging comes along with the gift and factor that into your decision to buy it, or think of a way to get it with less packaging. verdantviolet (at) gmail (spot) com

  2. Congrats Celine! Can't wait to see the newest edition.

    I love the idea of a homemade xmas: cutting cedar boughs to make a beautifully scented centrepiece, concocting homemade organic bailey's to share with friends, making xmas gift tags from last year's holiday cards and cooking up holiday treats - an easy gift no one can resist!

    After writing this... I'm now eagerly anticipating the first snow! : )

  3. Like Urban Girl, I love to reuse holiday cards, gift wrap and expired calendar pages as gift tags. I have a 2 or 3" circle punch, a small photo cropping paper cutter and a couple of interesting corner punches that make this easy and fun to do. The cutouts also make great paper garlands when glued to ribbon or twine!

    I save beautiful catalog (Anthropolgie) and magazine pages throughout the year to wrap small packages.

    I also enjoy finding home decor treasures at thrift/consignment stores for my eclectic design friends.

  4. This year we are making garland for our tree by using leaf and circle paper punches and tattered/falling apart old books/collected papers that would otherwise go into the recycling bin- gluing the paper circles one on either side of twine/string. We love words here at our house so it's eco-friendly and a tribute to something we love!

  5. Thanks for your comments guys! These are all fantastic ideas. I'd love to see pictures of your creations.... hint hint!!!! I'm going to post these ideas under 'The Last Word' in the magazine....stay tuned.

    Keep the ideas flowing!!!!




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