Monday, November 8, 2010

{eco} design: Open Air in Singapore

I came across this home on dwell, located in Singapore, and I couldn't get over it.  Created from a very traditional and "old-timey" (as my friend Gus would say) shop house, which line the streets of Singapore (above, center).  The unbelievable thing is that, as you will see in the photos below, the home is open to the air along one entire side!  Perhaps this is so foreign because I live in chilly Canada, but in this home it provides natural cooling, especially since the ventilation is along a narrow alley, creating a wind tunnel and gentle breeze.  There is a canvas that the homeowners can pull down in bad weather.  Amazing!

Love these antique wood panels in the front entrance.

This table is stunning, created from a single peice of wood - this open air arrangement gives a whole new meaning to 'al fresco'!

Large scale cupboards are unusual but fit with the home's soaring ceilings.

A great view of the 'open air' architecture, and beautiful concrete floors too!

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