Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{eco} style: Cartolina App

I hope everyone is feeling cheerful today!  It's been a very busy day for me!  Lots of customers into the store, which makes me happy!!!  Also, lots of great stuff happening with the magazine!  I feel so grateful, each and every day, for the opportunities I have and for the great community that blogging and publishing the mag allows me to have!  It's so amazing!  You guys are amazing!  Perhaps feeling like this is why I fell so instantly in love with the new holiday greeting card app for iPhone from Fiona at Cartolina.  I know these have been floating around tons already, but I couldn't resist posting about them because they are beautiful, and I LOVE them, but also, no one has mentioned how green they are!  Send a holiday greeting that is lovely to look at without using any paper or any resources to post it!  And, it only costs $1.99 to send. 

But, if you feel that nothing can replace the fun of getting an actual card in the mail, I just got these today!  I'm so excited about them.... they are so adorable!  They are printed on actual wood veneer that was harvested from FSC Certified sources.  Love.  Purchase them from my online shop - Sustain!


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