Thursday, November 4, 2010

{eco} style: Andrea Brugi

I was having a bad day... but these images cheered me up, a little...  Celebrated carpenter Andrea Brugi creates these wood peices out of all sorts of different wood, new and antique, which are pretty irresistable in these images.  No wonder as the fabulous Ditte Isager took them.  I'm in love with the mood in these photos... and it gives me a bench mark in terms of styling for Pure Green Living.  Hope you like... and that it provides a little bright spot in your day for you!


  1. So gorgeous! Hope your day got better.

    Ditte never took a picture I didn't love.


  2. Simply beautiful!
    Merci for posting those amazing photos!

  3. Je suis allée sur le site de Ditter Isager. Splendide. Quel talent! Très inspirant.Sylvie

  4. i am new to this blog and so in love! these are indeed beautiful images.

  5. i love the raw rustic wood look

    - urban girl

  6. I really like what you have posted here, it is a very well written and great article that gets right to the point. You could use a little reworking of the blog layout though, but the design is overall very nice. Great job, Thanks!



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