Monday, October 4, 2010

{eco} style: reMade USA

Happy Monday everyone!  It's going to be a great week here on Pure Green!  I have lots of great finds to share... I'm very excited.  First up is reMade USA by Shannon South - the company makes handbags (by hand, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) using recycled leather jackets.  Each bag is different, as the details of each jacket guide the design of each bag.  I love finding upcycled products re-worked in ways that are functional and truly stylish!  Sustain (my other hat) doesn't carry accessories right now.... but we just might have to!

"I see reMade USA as part of a back-to-basics, holistic approach that is in line with the way I try to live my life. It sees beauty in the past, praises a lifestyle of 'making do' and has a deep appreciation for things have been cultivated by hand– be it tomatoes from a garden, a piece of wood from a salvage yard, or a bag that has been hand-crafted from an old jacket. In the end, I am trying to lead a life of authenticity and responsibility, doing what I love and attempting to be as good as possible." - Shannon South


  1. I really love this idea! Hope I can do that with my old jackets!


  2. Oh goodness, I know! I bought an old jacket from a thrift store with the most beautiful, soft leather, but alas, it is still sitting there! ReMade will give you 20% on a new bag if you send them yours! I'm seriously thinking about it!



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