Monday, December 13, 2010

New Sponsor

I'm very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Pure Green family!  I'm so thankful for the support I get both from my readers and from my sponsors!  I love nothing more than to see Pure Green grow!  It's a dynamic process that gives me joy everyday! Enter Rebecca of BananaSaurusRex!  Rebecca gathers recycled items that need a stylish new life, and creates wonderful things for your home.  Her designs are heartfelt and genuine, and inspire a post-modern, bohemian feel.  Pay her a visit.... she'd love to 'meet' you!  (pssst..... Rebecca's design's are available for wholesale purchase too!)

This adorable bunting is my favourite!

One more thing.... Pure Green has been undergoing many changes as of late... growing by leaps and bounds!  If you are interested in sponsoring/advertising on Pure Green, I would be absolutely delighted to have you!  I am raising funds to help pay for a redesign of the blog, as well as Pure Green Magazine's site.  I would love to integrate them, give them a stylish new face and make it nicer for you to look at!  I try to avoid commercializing Pure Green too much - this isn't why you visit every day.  But we're working on some very exciting things, and in short, I would be happy to have you! So, if you have an eco/handmade business, don't hesitate to send me an email and enquire:

Have a happy Monday evening!  I'm off to trim my Christmas tree! Finally! (I was starting to worry it wouldn't happen!)


  1. I am also happy that you feel excited ,the design is evey beautiful .i think that the sponsor has a good people .

  2. We act together, saving, environmental protection, let us love our homes!



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