Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{eco} style: Christmas at my House

Here's a little snapshot of what I'd like Christmas to look like at my house!  It's getting there!  Oooh - and go check out my guest post on Re-Nest today - thanks for the invite Cambria!

From top left:
1. Image via Pure Green Magazine - this is from my actual table!
2. Organic Bay Leaf Wreath - brought these into the store this year, and they are delightful!  I've got one set aside just for me!
3. Golden Star White Jasmine Tea, via Green Goody
4. Handmade Paper Garland from Kristina Marie
5. Washi Tape from Tinted Mint


  1. It all looks so awesome girl!

    loved reading the post on re - nest! You are so stinkin' cutie batootie! I especially love the challenge about eating healthier, and how important proper food nutrients are. That is one of my goals for the new year, and it is going to be really hard for me! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ...loved the sneak peek on the next issue as well....the clothes look awesome!

  2. Loved your post on re-nest girly!!! Merry Christmas to you!!! xxoo

  3. Thanks ladies!! I'm really glad you liked the re-nest post! Barb you will feel a lot better about your goals if you watch Food Matters. It's a little extreme but it also makes it seem easier.

    I can't wait to send out issue 4! It's looking really good, thanks to my new found friends and graphic designers in Montreal!!! Yippeee!
    Thanks for the kind words ya'll!!!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. This place is very beautiful, very warm, think you must be beautiful.



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