Friday, October 22, 2010

{green} traveller: Boca Chica

Gee willickers......  I have a love hate relationship with this column.  I LOVE finding these amazing hotels, with so MUCH charm!  I swear, I'm never staying in a chain hotel again!  Here's the hate: all I want to do is go visit!  I want to drop everything, pack a bag, hop on a jet plane, and go relax!!  But I can't just now.... here lies my problem.  Too much temptation.  Don't those lounge chairs look irresistable?  Last week, I thought Portugal was my next destination, for sure, but after finding this latest gem, Hotel Boca Chica in Acapulco, Mexico, I'm not so sure.  I think I may have to cruise the internet for cheap flights.  At any rate, all temptations aside, Hotel Boca Chica has been revitalised to offer a contemporary take on 1950's glamour.  Built in that era by then leading Mexican architect Francisco Eppens, designers Frida Escobedo and Jose Rojas specified vintage glamour for the hotel's revival.  The result is stunning: iconic architecture and period details have been effortlessly integrated into an updated, refreshing hotel that lacks nothing in terms of style and personality.  I like it because the original building and details were kept intact, minimizing the environmental impact of the revitalization - leaving us with a modern throwback to a glamorous era, and reminder that new isn't always better!  And, I was pleasantly surprised at their rates.  Not exactly budget, but it won't scare you either.

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  1. Can I drop everything and leave with you too? This hotel looks amazing, what a view! Also loved how the architects and designers where able to keep the 50's style, yet making it modern with pops of color. Very cool pics, thanks for sharing!



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