Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{eco} design: a Greek paradise

I caught a glimpse of this home on Desire to Inspire... and I had to click through to see more.  I was floored by these images, instantly transporting me to a place I never want to leave!  Having been to Greece, I can picture perfectly the surroundings... the dry rock, salty air, scraggly brush paired with manicured, potted shrubs and geraniums, the hot sun and cool breeze....and finally, the architecture.  Outside of Athens and particularly on the islands, the buildings and their owners take on a certain respect for nature by bending to its rules, allowing it to guide and shape each structure.  This home, located on the small island of Tinos in Cyclades, Greece, is a prime example.  Owned by interior designer Marilyn Katsaris and designed by Zege Architects, the smooth, curvaceous lime plaster walls (which is an age old and green building method) echo the rocky landscape and provide thermal mass, keeping the home comfortable.  The home is actually two historical homes that were combined into one - the split levels allow for a roof top terrace with a stunning view of the sea.  Inside, many elements are built in, allowing the spaces to exude a certain freedom and unpretentiousness, allowing you to completely relax.  In many of the rooms you can see vintage elements, underscoring the importance of character.  This is, quite possibly, my dream home.

Images via Yatzer

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