Thursday, June 17, 2010

{eco} design: Living Homes

Modular, prefab homes certainly entertain their own culture within green building - the process does reduce waste and maximize space in the smallest building footprint.  But they often lack a little somthing that makes it fee like a real home, at least for me.  Until I got an email from Living Homes - one visit to their site changed my mind.  Living Homes CEO Steve Glenn was inspired by a vision to become a developer with a postive impact on the built environment, which led him to create the first (wow) LEED platinum certified home in the United States.  Working with celebrated architect Ray Kappe, the duo built a concept that inspires, fosters community living, and promotes a sustainable, modern and healthy way of life.  Featuring world class air ventilation, energy and smart home technology, the homes make a big impact, while making very little at all, if you get my drift.  And while the company still embraces LEED as a guidline, they have developed their own measure of sustainability called Z6: Zero Water, Zero Energy, Zero Waste, Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon, and Zero Ignorance.  Combine that with a smart design savy, and you've got a winner.  Oh, and, my dear fellow Canadians, Living Homes has recently made their debut in Canada!  With an inaugural development of 4 homes in Toronto, the company has partnered with green builder Nexterra Green Homes and Conquest Manufacturing to bring you the best and the greenest.  I think the juxtaposition of modern lines and glass would complement the natural environment in Muskoka (where I live) quite well!

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