Friday, January 8, 2010

The Green Traveller - WhitePod, Switzerland

Doesn't this look like a futuristic scene from a retro James Bond movie or something? It's actually an ultimately eco friendly ski resort, called WhitePod, situated in the Swiss Alps. Amazing! I decided for the next little while to try and feature eco ski destinations on the Green Traveller, since its just that time of year. I'm also wishing I could be on a ski trip, and I guess I feel inspired. If you're new to the Green Traveller, basically, I decided Friday's are a good day to let yourself imagine someplace you might rather be, and eco-tourism just doesn't get enough attention, hence the Green Traveller.
The concept of WhitePod is very unique - it is a picture of rugged luxury, designed to enhance your experience in nature while fostering a greater appreciation for the environment. In fact, the resort is the 2005 recipient of the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism. While there is a main lodge, with a restaurant and spa, the main focus is the pods, carefully designed to blend with the surroundings; the resort is also careful to reduce waste, minimize water and energy consumption and favour the use of renewable energy. You literally reach the resort using a ski lift - the resort revolutionizes ski-in ski-out access and the quintessential alpine ski experience. Reviewed by pretty much everybody, and with a flawless report card, this place is definitely on my list of places I'm going to someday go, but maybe a little later, as its $500 / night.

{the view is hardly worth mentioning...}

{wouldn't be a swiss ski trip without this...}

{WhitePod in the summer}


  1. They look so cool don't they - and so simple. I love that. I'd heard of them but never seen inside one before. It's giving me ideas for a sleep outside option here in Devon. No skiing here, but fabulous starry nights that would be such fun to watch from a simple sleeping platform. Ah well, another thing for the to do list. Meantime I'm off to browse more of your blog. Looks inspirational!

  2. wow those views really are amazing. too bad it's so prohibitively expensive. i'm really into this idea of glamping (glamorous camping) lately and have found some great spots in the caribbean to try out in the future.

  3. Hey Julia - do you mind sharing the spots in the Caribbean that you've found? I want to make the green traveller a regular column, so new material is always great! Also, if you like glamping, check out my other post "Le Camping Chic" about it, featuring a place called 'Camping Les Ormes', located in France. I don't think its any cheaper, but its absolutely stunning to look at. If your finds are a little cheaper they'd be great to offer to my readers as a budget choice!

    I hope you enjoy PGD!

  4. ^ "glamping" :) wish it could be my new favorite pastime! super swooning over this fabulous pod notion... they really would be great no matter the weather. (love this new column celine!)



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