Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eco Style - Beautiful Things

I must be attracting beautiful things to myself right now...for some reason today I kept coming across little things that were so beautiful! I think part of the reason was that I was browsing issues of Antler, which I absolutely love. I saved a few of my finds for later, but for some reason I'm finding myself attracted to unique jewellery lately...I've been dabbling with making some of my own right now, maybe that's why. I'm feeling my style changing a little right now...I'm calling it Granola Eco Girl meet Glamourai! Whatever, I just thought I'd share these finds with you. Also, these girls are uber talented, young, inspired women. Amazing. I chose to feature these as both creators make use of vintage materials, which they craft into current, modern pieces.
{this first collage is from Abigail Percy. I really love how her pieces are displayed on vintage letterpress letters}

{this second set is from Laura Lombardi. I'm not normally into gold, but I love those rough cut gold crystals}

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