Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to Christmas on PGD!

Well its Dec. 9 and I'm a little behind jumping on Christmas on PGD, but a little late is better than never. I want to focus on a few ways to make the holidays a little easier on the planet, and a little easier on you by providing some ideas. Christmas doesn't have to mean one giant headache for the earth, there are some simple ways to have all the fun while keeping it clean. I thought I'd start today with outdoor decor. I know I'm always looking forward to prettying up the front stoop during the holidays, so here are some ideas to make your home ultra welcoming to all your guests while embracing 'la nature'.

{this first one, very natural, kind of requires a covered entrance, cuz I can just picture these little pretties all covered in snow on my front step! this is an easy look to acheive - visit your local nursery and pick up some greenery (try to get locally grown) and wrap it in some burlap. burlap is made of jute, which is a quick growing sustainable fibre. when you're done with it just compost it. if you live in a temperate climate, buy potted plants (they won't freeze) and plant in the spring. if you live where its cold, just get branches, otherwise the roots will freeze and the greens will brown.}

{I personally really like this look - an eclectic mix of modern & rustic, although I think the woodstack may be a tad contrite if you don't actually have a wood burning fireplace. I tried this last year and really liked it. a light dusting of snow really adds to it. all you need to get this look are some white pine boughs, a few sparkly glass (aka recyclable) balls, some good L.E.D. lights and a few planters (go clay for maximum eco points). for all you L.E.D. phobes out there, don't cry they don't give warm white light, I was pleasantly surprised this year with the selection, and mine are all the perfect shade of 'warm'!}

{lastly, go twiggy this Christmas! this rustic country look suits absolutely any home, and is super low maintenance. I like red dogwood as it gives nice contrast against the snow. twigs are very eco as they are usually the result of trimming existing live trees, they last a few years, and can biodegrade. I'm told that sometimes they will even take root! see what you can do about getting local twigs to reduce the Co2 they would otherwise emit during travel. for this look, just ram some twigs in a planter and you're done. heck, you could even shove them in a giant snowball and they would look good. twig wreaths can be hard to find, but I've got good news...just click here (thank you Cool Native) for an easy DIY!}

I hope that gave you some eco inspiration. Make sure you snuggle up with a warm cup of organic tea to warm your hands after tackling your front step in this chilly weather!
All photos: Canadian House and Home

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  1. So glad that you enjoyed the photos from Canadian House & Home! Please feel free to hyperlink to Lots of great photos as well as environmentally friendly design ideas! Thanks and all the best, Lisa



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