Thursday, December 31, 2009

I was struck by something the other day....I stopped to get take-out, and I noticed a recycled symbol on the container. Not really unusual.....but...I started to look around, and found that same little unassuming symbol all around me. I realized, in that simple moment, how far we've actually come, and although I don't want to make light of how far we must still go, I want to take a moment on Pure Green and celebrate that change. Its too easy to feel overwhelmed by negativity and despair - surrounded by seemingly insurmountable issues like climate change, drought, food shortages et cetera, I feel the good things tend to slip away, especially in light of the recently past summit at Copenhagen, which seemed a quagmire of indecision led by dispassionate, uncommitted leaders. However, even with such things in mind, by writing on Pure Green I do my best to point out that the smallest action, when repeated by many, goes very far. Let's not forget that. I don't expect change to happen overnight, but I hope I can inspire you to keep putting one foot in front of the other, one small thing at a time. And don't forget to take time to be grateful, every day, for the richness in your life.

As you read this, think back over the year and you'll see that things are slowly getting moving. Being green is moving from a fad to a way of life. Our children won't recycle out of duty, they'll do it because they won't know of an alternative. Innovation will lead us, and I will live to drive a solar powered car. Celebrate yourself and the changes you've already made, even if the gesture is small, like not forgetting your re-usable bags or remembering your reusable water bottle. Take a moment, open your eyes and appreciate the changes that you see, from the recycled content symbols all around you, or the sea of green and blue boxes down your street on "garbage day", to the abundance of organic produce in your local supermarket, to the number of bicycles in front of your office building, to the solar panels on your neighbours house, or to the fairtrade, certified biodynamic cuppa joe you're enjoying while you're reading this final post of 2009 on Pure Green. I'll be back in 2010 - Happy New Years and thanks to all of you for making my world a little bit better in 2009. If any of you have anything to add, please leave a comment and do so!

May 2010 be a good one, and thanks for reading Pure Green.


{maybe you've seen this before, but I thought I'd show you this dress, designed by Danish design group Diffus. the dress is made with hundreds of tiny LED lights that glow in the presence of CO2. While the streets of New York aren't packed with them, I think it shows a collective change in consciousness that's now aware of the challenges we face. a keychain or bag version would be sweet.}

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