Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peek of Issue 2 - Coming Soon!

This is me, with my horse, Annie.  I will treasure this always....
Oh my goodness...............   I'm just dying inside!!!  I'm so unbelievably excited about Issue 2 of Pure Green Living, I couldn't help share a little snippet with you!  These images are from a photo shoot we did for the next issue - I am so lucky to work with an amazing photographer, her name's Erin
That's it!  I'm resisting telling you any more.... you'll just have to wait.  But I really hope you're intrigued.

In the meantime, help me spread the word!
We've got a new Facebook page.... I'll be posting updates there.
Or, you can follow PGL Mag on Twitter.  I posted an open call for gorgeously green homes today.... know anyone who'd like to show off a little?  Send me an email.



  1. I am looking forward to Issue 2!!!

  2. Looks good right? Thanks to you!

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to see issue 2!

  4. Thanks Terri! Coming soon... only 7 days left!



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