Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feedback Loop

I got a great email last week about a great new project: The Feedback Loop, which launched today (I wanted to post about this earlier, but I'm running around like mad and feeling a little overwhelmed... sorry Pam!).  The Feedback Loop Project is a non-profit initiative which links up 25 fantastic graphic designers to create a series of 50 letterpress journals.  The paper and stock for the journals was donated by Mohawk Fine Papers's Mohawk Loop eco line.  The journals are being sold in Felt & Wire, a specialty paper shop in NY, or you can shop for one online of course. 

All proceeds of the project go to Design Ignites Change, an AWESOME organization that presses youth to explore and create solutions for pressing social problems using design oriented forward thinking.  After a visit to their site I was totally floored by the scope and success of this program.  I couldn't resist posting some of my favourite programs below.....

'Mooko' is a project which works to help solve environmental issues surrounding dairy farming.  Anyone see Food Inc.?  Then you know all about this.  The pilot project proposes using prepaid glass jars that you refill with organic, sustainable milk at a vending machine in supermarkets.  The project is designed to help spread awareness of some environmental issues surrounding dairy farming as well as minimize waste, since many milk containers are not recyclable.

Would you do this?  I know I would!
Ecode is another neat project - an iphone app (can you make a Blackberry Version please?) that scans barcodes and immediately pulls up environmental information about that product.  Gone are the days when greenwashers could pull the wool over consumer's eyes with a few fancy logos!  Neat!

Anyway, if you like what you see and would like to support it, pop on over and check out the collection!

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  1. love love LOVE the Mooko project idea!



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