Friday, September 24, 2010

the {green} traveller: hotel fox

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope it was a great week.  I like to take you away every week to a beautiful, if sometimes zaney, eco friendly corner of the world.  Travel is one of my favourite past-times... if only it were cheaper! Hotel Fox, located in the design rich and very eco Copenhagen, Denmark, is a unique boutique hotel - each room is decorated by a different design group, and pushes the limit of interior design, taking you on a themed adventure.  The hotel allows you to 'room hop' so that you can have a different experience every night.  Fox Hotel is a member of a carbon-neutral group of hoteliers, meaning they off-set their carbon emissions each year by investing in renewable energy.

Room 121: Sleep Seasons.  Designed by Australia's Rinzen; supposedly inspired by the desire to hibernate.

Room 208: The Crown Jewels. Designed by Container (from the UK)

Room 306: Pico Pico, designed by Hirorthoy.  I'm not sure I could sleep here.... not sure if it makes me feel calm or panicked!


  1. fun post! I'd be happy to stay in any of those inviting rooms! even the white one; just open the windows!)

  2. this looks beautiful. but um, where is it?

  3. Whoops! So sorry about that! The hotel is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Better fix that! Thanks for visiting!



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