Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Green Design - Kelly Laplante

I'm always excited to find and share with you new green designers (well, new to me) who are doing what I so admire - green design!  Part of what I do each and every day is educate our customers about living green, and that it's really SO EASY!  That's what's great about it - you can make it yours, and find your own ways to be green, so that it fits your lifestyle.  Kelly Laplante seems to embody this - her design firm, Organic Interior Design, embraces organic and vintage, but her projects seem to really reflect the homeowner's style and budget.  She professes that it's pretty much impossible to be 'eco perfect', but she strives to be the exception to the rule - she and I seem to strive together.  I'm happy to have found her and even happier to bring her here, to you.  She can help you see that being green means a lot of different things, and that you can make it fit any style.  What's more, Kelly's firm is enjoying lots of great press these days, so you may see her around lots more.  Also, she's been nominated in Traditional Homes 25 Young Designers to watch, so if you feel inclined, you can give her your vote!

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