Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eco Style {for men}: F.Rock Bags

I have Ariana from Boston to thank for this tip: sustainable company F.Rock from Boston - makes gorgeous messenger bags for men.  The designer of F.Rock is Nicolé Keane, who says "she is inspired by the look of a well-dressed man, nuances of menswear design and the vision of a closed-loop production system."  Doesn't that sound amazing? 

"F. Rock is a new Boston brand that draws on vintage days when clothing and accessories were richly crafted and made with quality in the USA, not mass produced or sent overseas for production. We have taken traditional lines of days past and added an urban edge through hardware, fabric selection and an easy-use organizational system. Most importantly, our bags are constructed from 100% reclaimed fabrics and leathers from factory scraps."  {from the website

The fabrics are scraps from premier men's designwear companies, the lining is organic cotton and the hardware is from a local company.  Very nice.  I'd love to get one for my guy.

{p.s. anyone else got a great idea?  i'd love to hear from you. as always, PGD is open to reader input.  send me an email or a message on twitter, either or, i'd love to chat}
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