Monday, February 15, 2010

{eco}: Style: Manimal

These last few weeks have been a little haphazard here on PGD.  I'm constantly trying to get some sort of publishing schedule, but alas, planning is a) not my thing b) scheduling can be boring and c) inspiration abounds and I get excited about something and post it, hence throwing things off...Oh Well.  Anyway, back to the here and now: I mentioned in an earlier post that clothing is a realm in which I struggle to be green, because there isn't much choice where I live, I have a limited spending budget, and I just can't seem to commit to buying jeans just have to try them, because what looks good on her doesn't necessarily look good on me.  (If anyone out there reading this has done this successfully, please, share your story with me.) But, that being said, sustainable fashion is progressing in leaps and bounds, so I've decided to bring you an {eco}: style column, which is really on giant wishlist on my part ( a warning: if you're looking for glam, this won't be for you).  And, I've decided that on Pure Green, style day is going to be Monday.  So, today, I'm bringing you Manimal, an artisan brand that make killer moccs (anyone who knows me knows I LOVE moccs...I have two pairs at work, booties and slip-ons, which I rotate daily.  All my other shoes have ceased to exist).  Manimal is committed to the hand-made, and their eco-conscious mantra of waste-not, want-not rings true with my desire to dress in {green}.

Top Right: Ribcage Flat $160
Middle: Suede Fringe Bootie: $200
Bottom: Woven Bootie: $240
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  1. OoooohhhhH!!! Me want! Me want!!! (looks in wallet) sigh. :D



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