Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sustain Grand Opening

At long last I'm finally putting some photos of the store up on PGD - this store is my heart and soul, so I wanted to make sure it was looking good before I introduced it to the world. We've been open for a month, but this weekend we hosted our Grand Opening, which was a wonderful success. We were visited by many beautiful people, all who are interested in preserving this wonderful world we live in. So, without further ado, I present to you, Sustain.

this is what the store looked like before - you can see my brother and sister helping me paint!

our sales desk - it's made with bamboo panelling and has a paperstone top.
the lights I commissioned for the store using recycled steel

a table made with reclaimed wood and laden with delicious goods prepared by my sister, Mali

this is one of Jonathan's tables - my fabulous partner soon to be hubby

our inspiration boards - reclaimed, of course

our paint station - made with a reclaimed work bench, selling safecoat paint

kirei and wheatboard

pink solution - the most amazing eco cleaner ever, works on anything and everything, totally non-toxic!

our sales desk, with all our lovely gifts
we gave away copies of ecoholic in a draw, the book that helped us start it all!

this is Rusty, my dog, sleeping on his Molly Mutt dog bed, oblivious to it all

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  1. oh my word! What a GORGEOUS store! Congrats on your grand opening! I wish you all the best......

    I'm digging the piece your future hubby made.......so fantastic! xo

  2. oh seline ~ i know we both live in canada ... but how i wish i lived closer to you so i could be one of your 'regulars'! your store looks really, really great ... you and jonathon should be very proud! i share knack's sentiments about jonathon's table ~ tres cool!
    wishing you much success always ~

  3. it looks wonderful! feel good to have it finally up & running? :) cheers! staci @ 26 olive street

  4. so......how much is that table? =)

  5. thank you so much for your sweet anniversary comment today.......:) xoxo

  6. the table is made with recycled steel and reclaimed barn board from century muskoka barns. they are handcrafted and each one is unique! send me an email at puregreendesign{at}gmail{dot}com if you're interested!


  7. p.s. thank you everyone so much for your kind words! we are so proud of the store and what it stands for, its nice to hear your support!

  8. The live branch offers a really nice touch, and I also enjoy the unique table. It's great to see such amazing design from green/recyclable products.




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