Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking of Giveaways...Canadian Giveaway!

This is the week for giveaways on PGD! Not to draw lines in the sand, but I did promise my Canadian readers that I would have something for you soon! I gave away 10 copies of Ecoholic in my store this week to celebrate, and I saved one for you!

For those of you who haven't been exposed to Ecoholic yet, it's a National Bestseller written by Adria Vasil, who writes an Ecoholic column in NOW Magazine, one of the premier pop-culture/news mags in Toronto. After incredible success writing the column, she compiled it all into an 'eco bible', a readable, exciting and very accessible guide to living sustainable in Canada. It will change your life! I practically wolfed it down in one sitting, and my copy is dogeared, underlined and highlighted on every single page. In fact, it was key in helping me open my store, Sustain. I really don't think I could have done it without it. So, here is your chance to get in on my little secret - please enter to win your copy of Ecoholic. Just leave a comment to enter that includes your name and email. Don't stop at just you - get all your friends and your family in on it too! Pure Green can handle it! This giveaway is open to Canadian readers - you have one week to enter. Good luck to all, I'll announce the winner next Friday!

psst! Ecoholic talks about Pink Solution and Safecoat, both available at the Sustain!

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  1. when you mentioned about how this book had been such a valuable guide in setting up 'sustain' ... i knew it must be pretty darn good!
    i've never really entered for a giveaway, but this one really speaks to me ... i am all about being as kind and thoughtful and respectful to our natural home ~ this mother earth ... and i guess cuz i'm a canadian prairiegirl, you can count me in!
    yay ...
    feeling a bit shy,

  2. Thanks for the Canadian Giveaway - and the tip on the tip on what looks like an amazing "bible"!


  3. When it comes to sustainable living, we can never do too much.

    I remember mentioning to a fellow designer that we should focus on making sustainable design rather than ones that just look good. In fact, it is so simple. Just look around the house. A lot of great design can be done by what you already have, and by simply tossing less things out, you're already being sustainable.


  4. I was in your store on the weekend, loved it.I'm sure I'll be back. It was nice to see that everything is Eco friendly.

    Thanks for caring and bringing your store to Muskoka.


  5. wow - I'm very touched. Your kind words have made my day. I look forward to seeing you again!


  6. bonjour Celine.
    Claudette est interesse a plusieurs des choses que tu vends, entre autre, la literie et les green pans. Elle t'en parlera plus tard.
    Au revoir Sylvie

  7. Thank you for having a Canadian Give Away! You mentioned that Pink Solution was featured in the book - we picked some up at your store and it IS wonderful!!! Worked miracles on glass, carpet stains, clothing stains, counter tops - even grimy walls and cupboards. I hope I win the draw so I can learn more great eco options & tips. I should also mention Sustain's grand opening was terrific - what a great event!




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