Monday, August 29, 2011

Great DIY from the Repurposed Library

If you haven't seen the newest issue of Pure Green Magazine, definitely take a peek! You'll love the Eco Read feature this issue on page 126-7, featuring Lisa Occhipinti's wonderful book The Repurposed Library. The book makes use of books destined for landfill - you know the ones: old text books, outdated cookbooks, primers, etc. - by re-imagining them in all sorts of wonderful ways. 

We have an extra treat for you! Lisa was kind enough to provide a DIY tutorial for you of her sewing box project - its adorable and I guarantee you'll love it - Click here to DOWNLOAD. But before you do, this little video expresses beautifully what The Repurposed Library is all about. Enjoy!


For more about Lisa and her book visit Issue 6 of Pure Green Magazine!

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